Sunday, 17 June 2018

Entertaining Angels - and words of wisdom

Image result for crossroads imagesMy late father came out with some priceless words of wisdom. One of the best bits of advice he gave me was, ‘If you come to a crossroads and don’t know whether to turn right or left, it’s better to keep straight on.’ And, if you think about it, that bit of advice can apply to life as well as at a crossroads.

He also reckoned that time passed much quicker the older one gets. I’ve found this to be so true. For instance, it was with a sense of disbelief that I realised it’s been three months since I last blogged. So much for my New Year’s resolution that I would post a blog at least once a month!

I’m temporarily departing from my reminiscences about the past to tell you about my new book Entertaining Angels.

Angels needn’t necessarily mean those spiritual beings

We can experience them in

A random act of kindness

A helping hand

A nudge in a different direction

A stranger crossing our path


There might just be a real angel in there somewhere.

These are stories about everyday angels. The title Entertaining Angels comes from a verse in the Bible which says:

Do not forget to entertain strangers for by doing so people have entertained angels without knowing it.’
(Hebrews 13:2)

It’s reasonably priced at 99p on the Amazon UK site at Prices vary on other Amazon sites.

I’m very conscious that I have readers waiting for the final book in my Roberts family trilogy but progress has been very slow owing to various health problems, most associated with getting older, and now some major work on our home, so decided to publish this collection of short stories in the meantime. The first draft and an initial edit to book three, tentatively called In the Thick of It, have been done and I’m hoping to get on with more editing/rewriting this summer. Until then, I hope you enjoy my light-hearted angel-themed short stories.