Monday, 21 November 2011

More on the balloon fiasco!

It was only after reading Marilyn's comment - thanks M - that I realised I had meant to post about the sequel to the balloon fiasco. The delivery was due on 1st November so on the morning, I very reluctantly tied the blown up balloon to a metal post on the edge of our front garden and next door's. When I looked out of the window about ten minutes later, the balloon had gone. At first, I thought that it had blown away then I saw that my next door neighbour was out cleaning his car and wondered if he had taken it down.

He confessed that he had and what's more had popped it! He'd thought that some trick or treaters from the night before (31st October) had played a trick and tied the balloon to the metal post. He was most apologetic but I simply laughed. When the delivery was made, I mentioned to the driver what had happened. I guessed from what he said that he didn't think much to the idea either and agreed with me that the idea probably originated with some university graduate trying to justify his existence.