Thursday, 30 January 2014

Overcoming obstacles

The picture is of a magnifying light my dear husband (my very own house hero) has rigged up for me to work following my first cataract operation on 17th December. Vision in my right eye is now near normal. But, because I still need to have my left eye operated on, my vision is distorted. This has left it very difficult to see close up, hence the magnifying light. 

Now, as a result, I can work on revising 'A Suitable Young Man' for about an hour or so at a time. It's slow progress but better than not working at all. In between, I'm usually listening to one or other of my audiobooks which serves the purpose of allowing me to 'read' while resting my eyes. 'I'm currently listening to  'A Happy Hoofer' written and read by actress Celia Imrie. It's highly amusing and, in places, hilariously funny. She seems to be naturally disaster prone. I can thoroughly recommend this autobiography.  Other problems include not being able to read instructions on packages etc. (Why do manufacturers make these so small?) With these, a hand held magnifying glass helps.

Filing my nails has been a problem too. I've overcome that by keeping my nails short, at least for the time being. Unfortunately, having got to the stage where unsightly hairs often crop up on my chin, I haven't been able to get at them. If I can feel one starting to sprout, my house hero is very handy with a pair of tweezers.

Finally, my article about 'Working in t'mill' has appeared in the January issue of 'Discover Your History.' Unfortunately, in the photo they have included, My very red cheeks make it look like I've been at the wine!