Friday, 13 January 2012

Facebook - and some good news

I've been struggling with Facebook for the past week or so as the 'Facebook for Dummies' book that I bought second hand doesn't seem to bear any relation to what's on the computer screen before me. I will sort it but I guess it will take time.

I had two bits of good news today. A couple of months ago, I submitted a letter about a breakthrough that I'd had in my family history and I learned today that it is to be featured in the February issue of Family History Monthly, a national genealogy magazine. While submitting that, I mentioned a couple of ideas for articles to the editor. She didn't want either of those because they had more more less been covered in previous issues but she did ask me if I could put together a social history article on my experiences working as a weaver in a Lancashire cotton mill in the distant past. Today, I received confirmation that she definitely wants the article and that it will be  in the May issue. These two bits of good news have boosted me no end. The fiction market is a harder nut to crack!

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