Thursday, 31 October 2013

Discovering Audiobooks - and novel progress report

With my eyesight deteriorating rapidly, I've been struggling to read. And I do read a lot! I can manage still with my Kindle because I can increase the font size but I've had to give up on normal print books. There's always large print books at the library although I've found the choice a bit limited. But audiobooks are wonderful for people like me! I can listen for hours without straining my eyes! 

I really admire how the narrators manage the different accents of the various characters. It seems to add to my enjoyment and make the characters come alive for me. But have you seen the price of audiobooks to buy? Between £20 and £25 on average! Thank God for public libraries.

Last time I posted I mentioned about tackling yet another rewrite of A Suitable Young Man (I've more or less decided that will be its title). Unfortunately, the rewriting and the cataract problems have come into conflict. I'm find it hard to concentrate on writing for more than an hour. This means that it will be slow progress but I'm hoping the cataract operation will be scheduled early in the New Year. In the meantime, I shall just have to learn patience - not one of my strong points!


  1. Anne, I hope you get the cataracts sorted soon. How frustrating not being able to read/write!

  2. The operation for the first one is due on 17th December so have got plenty of audiobooks line up for that (so hubby tells me!). Yes, it is very frustrating, and I seem to spend a lot of time these days 'resting my eyes' after some concentration.I've been editing a short story this afternoon for a competition and my eyes were watering at the end of it.