Sunday, 10 March 2013

Published on Amazon Kindle!

Haven't posted any blogs for a while due to one problem or another. But I now have something positive to report!

On Amazon Kindle Direct Publishing, I have now published 'Uncertainty', a trio of short stories where not everything is as it seems. I'm excited about this as it's a new venture for me and it's another learning experience. For one thing, at £1.53, I think it's overpriced for what it is but there didn't seem to be a facility for pricing it any less. But if you're a member of their Prime lending scheme, you can obtain it FREE for the next couple of days.

So remember the name, Anne L Harvey, and the title, 'Uncertainty'. It's important to me, as a writer, to receive feedback so I would welcome a review. Many thanks.


  1. Many thanks, Sally. I did the same with your 'One day for me' yesterday! I've read a few of the stories and am well impressed. They're all so varied! You are certainly blessed with a vivid imagination. I'm afraid short stories aren't one of my strengths; I always have too much to say!

  2. I enjoyed the book and have left you a review on Amazon - very best wishes with it, and any future publications!

    1. Thanks, Sally. Much appreciated. And best of luck with your own anthologies!