Friday, 30 March 2012

Some good news

I've been asked to write a short review of one of Elizabeth Chadwick's novels, 'Lady of the English' for a national geneaolgy magazine, Your Family Tree. I'm chuffed to bits about this because it gives me the opportunity to promote Elizabeth to a wider audience. Not that I think she needs any help from me!

Elizabeth is the queen of the medieval novel and writes comprehensively of how people lived their lives at that time. Originally, she wrote novels about fictional people but now she bases her books on real people who lived at the time. 'Lady of the English' is about the Empress Matilda, widow of the Emperor of Germany, daughter of Henry I, mother of Henry II and who is famous for the civil war between her and her cousin King Stephen for the crown of England. She is currently writing the first in a trilogy about Eleanor of Aquitaine.


  1. That's great, Anne, to be asked to do something rather than submitting on spec.
    Hope it goes well!

    1. Thanks for the good wishes, Sally. I was a little disappointed though to learn that they only wanted a paragraph from me. It was a good exercise though condensing what I wanted to say in a paragraph!